“Learn-Do-Teach-Lead” is a guiding philosophy, a practical road map, an observed reality, an organic progression, and a teachable framework for business and life.

And it’s a passion.  My passion.  May it be yours as well.

When inculcated and practiced, this approach, the heart of which I will explore in future articles, enables you to mindfully broaden your life–no, your life will simply broaden and blossom spontaneously–and to touch others more deeply, with greater engagement, and with powerful, positive effect.

So, of Learn-Do-Teach-Lead, we must first learn and become a student.  And we will forever remain a learner, a phase that is never exhausted even as the focus of our attention continuously evolves.  Learning is the engine of all that follows, and what will follow at “Learn-Do-Teach-Lead” is an exposition and, with your input, a mutual exploration of this approach to human, community, and organizational development.

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7 Responses to Introduction

  1. Dick Webster says:

    Erik —
    Great start. Thanks.
    P.S. — Encourage WordPress to drop that demeaning “Just” from their headline tag line “JUST another … site.” That adds ZIP / nada / nothing to the thoughtful impact of your messages.

  2. Lynda says:

    I like what I have read so far. Thanks for taking the time to share it with me.

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