Applying L-D-T-L to Tichy

In The Cycle of Leadership (New York: HarperCollins: 2002), Noel Tichy outlines the role of teaching in developing others, which he calls “one of the leader’s most difficult and mission-critical tasks” (p.98).

Of teaching, one can say that first we must become aware that this capability must exist to some extent within all members of a work group and all levels of an organization.  (A corollary states that we must have the ability to assess and determine both (1) the current state of awareness and related beliefs, and (2) the current state of capability and practice.)

Such awareness alone, however, does not make one a competent teacher, even as awareness of any needed skill does not make one a competent practitioner.

So we must learn that we are to be teachers and we must learn how to teach.  Of these two requirements, the former is often lacking within organizations and the latter is often not fostered.  Certainly, neither should be left to chance.

L-D-T-L is an intentional set of interrelated attitudes and activities: we learn about teaching and we practice (do) teaching (by doing, optimally, with feedback).  With experience, we begin teaching (both that we should teach and how to teach).  When fully embraced as a way of thinking and acting, we lead teaching.

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