Reading and Learning

“What is reading?” asked Advanced Reading Concepts (ARC) president and expert life-changer, Bonnie James.  (To call her an “instructor” is to diminish the potential impact of what she is about to share to a group gathered recently at ARC’s office in Grandview, Ohio, for an introductory course.)

After some discussion, the group accepted Bonnie’s simple and pragmatic definition: “Reading is getting meaning from the page and adding it to what you already know.”

Over the course of the next hour-and-a-half, Bonnie introduced a series of concepts, strategies, and techniques intended to make the act of reading more effective and efficient.

To say that we could read faster puts an unfair emphasis on words-per-minute alone as a measure of success, and threatens to conjure up images of the rare super-human reader whose page-turning rate stretches our willingness to believe that any reading at all is actually taking place.

For many, such images have unfairly tainted the very notion of speed reading.

Bonnie helps us to think differently, and, while creating a safe and supportive learning environment, she invites us to examine and change deeply rooted and very personal reading habits.

For most, reading is fundamental to learning, but reading alone does not make a leader.  While some accomplished leaders may not call themselves readers, I find reading to be an extremely efficient way to access data, information, and even the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of others.

I want managers- and leaders-in-development to be readers.  As a “student of my own job,” I am a dedicated reader.

Any effort to cultivate reading skills returns incalculable rewards.   Fortunately for residents of central Ohio, Advanced Reading Concepts can help any reader, no matter how accomplished or in need of help, to take a dramatic step forward.

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4 Responses to Reading and Learning

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  2. Emily says:

    I didn’t know about this one. I’ll check it out.

    I’m glad you started this blog, Erik!

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