Growth Leadership

Change => Change Management => Change Leadership => Growth Leadership

This transformative progression represents a natural and organic shift in heart and mind, which can then be manifested in changed behaviors within individuals and organizations.

We have replaced “change,” which may be positive, negative, or neutral, with “growth” and we have replaced “management” (an effort to plan and control) with “leadership.”

With these substitutions we create a new arena of thought and action.  That’s the power of words.

Here are a few more powerful words to go along with Growth Leadership:

  • Inculcate–To teach and impress by frequent repetitions
  • Implant–To establish securely, as in the mind or consciousness
  • Instill–To introduce by gradual, persistent efforts
  • Ingrain–To work indelibly into the natural texture or mental or moral constitution

These are the tasks of the Growth Leader.

How is this done?  Learn-Do-Teach-Lead.

Growth Leadership is the object of learning, doing, teaching, and leading, and growth leadership is the guiding paradigm for everyone in the organization.


Learn-Do-Teach-Lead is the method for inculcating Growth Leadership, and L-D-T-L thought and practice is the guiding paradigm for everyone in the organization.

Exercise: Google “growth leadership” and see what you find.

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