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Deming’s 14 Points

Offered as a refresher: Deming’s 14 points.* How are we doing? Create constancy of purpose for the improvement of product and service, with the aim to become competitive and to stay in business, and to create jobs. Adopt a new … Continue reading

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Work Groups

Work groups are the fundamental building blocks of organizations. Work groups comprise a work-group leader and work-group members.  Rensis Likert introduced the “linking pin” concept: an individual with overlapping work-group membership (New Patterns of Management. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1961). This … Continue reading

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Work Groups Cross Boundaries

Work groups overlap across formal organizational boundaries.  The  figure, below, shows a simple supply chain overlaid with the work process elements (obtain, enhance, deliver).

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Complex Organizations are Work Groups

The work group is the building block of even the most complex organizations, which means that LDTL can arise, be practiced, and propagate from anywhere within an organization.

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Index: Titles by Date

1.  Introduction (April 24, 2010) “Learn-Do-Teach-Lead” is a guiding philosophy, a practical road map, an observed reality, an organic progression, and a teachable framework for business and life. 2. Starting with the End in Mind (April 26, 2010) Of Learn-Do-Teach-Lead … Continue reading

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Work Process Elements: Obtain, Enhance, Deliver

I have suggested previously that any job task can be viewed as a work process.  Fundamentally, for any task, resources are Obtained, Enhanced, and then Delivered (OED; Think Oxford English Dictionary, perhaps the first and largest “OED,” as an easy … Continue reading

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