What Would You Run to Do?

I was new to college at the time of this story.  New to the academic life of reading, assignments, homework, papers and tests.

And new–really new–to discovering the joy of learning.

The class: ancient history, taught by a bona fide Egyptologist.  The challenge: a research paper about some ancient civilization.  The details of this part of the story have faded a bit, but what follows I feel as genuinely now as the day I experienced it.

After lunch in the cafeteria, I ran across campus back to my dorm room so that I could continue typing my paper.

Yes, I ran so that I could type.  (IBM Selectric typewriter if you must know.)

And it was not because the paper was due later the same day.  No.  It was because the dust of the Hittites’ chariots was in my nose.  The clay in my hands yielded to my cuneiform stylus.  The clash of battle and iron axes rattled in my head, and my brain sparked and sparkled in sympathy with an explosion of new synaptic connections.

History had become alive.

So I ran.  I ran back to my dorm room, yes, to type, but really, to blossom.

Today I asked a friend, “What would you run to do?  Right now.”

I am still running.

Today, I ran home to tell this story.

Tell me, what would you run to do?

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2 Responses to What Would You Run to Do?

  1. obeisance says:

    Good piece Eric.
    I should run to serve. Sometimes I do.
    YOU made that possible.

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