The More You Plant

The more you plant, the more you grow.

This seems like common sense: more seeds in the soil means more yield later.  (Quantity)

Or, the greater the variety–one of this, one of that, one of another–the more total plants. (Quality)

Or, the more time gardening–season after season–the greater the cumulative harvest.  (Duration)

Or, the more one “truly gardens” (think Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance), the more one’s “self” truly grows.  (Subjective)

Or, “Yes” and “Each” and “All.”

The more you plant the
More you grow. The more you grow
The more you plant again.

This is Learn-Do-Teach-Lead.


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2 Responses to The More You Plant

  1. JB Bryant says:

    Great simple statement of deep and timeless truths, Erik.

    I’ll supplement with just one more, which I believe you will also support, and it iks this:

    Don’t plant coconut in the clay gardens of Ohio.

    That is, don’t scatter any seed just anywhere. Plant seeds where they can grow and thrive, and plant in cultivated soil – unless thistle is all you want to harvest.


    • erikjul says:

      Thanks, JB. I find gardening to be filled with analogies to so many areas of life that involve cultivation, growth, and development. –Erik

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