Positive. Immediate. Certain.

31 August 2013

At today’s Toastmasters Leadership Institute, hosted by Division H, I spoke on “Leading a Volunteer Organization.”

The principles I highlighted apply to any group enterprise whether business, social, civic, volunteer, not-for-profit, or religious, to name a few.

One key principle is positive reinforcement.

We explored the following dimensions of reinforcement:

  • Polarity (positive or negative)
  • Temporality (immediate or future)
  • Certitude (certain or uncertain)

Reinforcement Dimensions

This is the reinforcement power zone: Positive/Immediate/Certain.

Practice recognizing the positive contributions of others by being certain to reward them with positive feedback as soon as possible.

Positive.  Immediate.  Certain.

Practice using this combination when teaching, coaching, and leading others and you will see firsthand a powerful impact on personal and organizational development.

What’s your experience?

–Erik @erikjul

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One Response to Positive. Immediate. Certain.

  1. Dick Webster says:

    Erik ~
    “PIC” a winner: good idea, thoughtful concept. Is it yours, may we quote you and / or other source(s)?
    Best ~ Dick Webster

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