Welcome. I’m Erik Jul, and I believe that anyone, anywhere can start and lead change effectively with little or no budget.

Which means that you can start and lead successful change, too.  Right now.

How is this possible?

Throughout my career, whether as an individual contributor, manager, business leader, or consultant, I had to understand the roots of successful change, large or small, because nothing happens without change.  Change is always and everywhere, so from my first job onward I had to learn how to deal with it effectively, and more effectively than the competition.

I’ve distilled everything I know about really powerful and effective change leadership to these four these words, Learn, Do, Teach, Lead, which are my topics in this blog.

The key ingredient, however, is you. Wherever you are in an organization (or not in an organization), the Learn-Do-Teach-Lead approach initiates action, deepens understanding, spreads your vision, and creates authentic leadership.

Change will always be with you.  Why shouldn’t you have a timeless–and effective approach–to every situation?

There are more complex approaches to change, but none more readily available and immediately beneficial.

Start now.  Read my recent posts.  Find a topic of interest in the archive.  Or start from the beginning.

Then put an idea to work, try it out and tell somebody, and you’re on your way!

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