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Leaders are Learners

I and others (Forbes, HBR) have suggested that leaders are readers. Yes, reading can expose us to a world of thought, ideas, and findings that are often condensed, carefully crafted, well organized, and sometimes documented with references to supporting research … Continue reading

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Need a Place to Lead?

Leading and leadership are often described in positional terms such as: From the top From the front From the middle From the center From the inside out From the heart From behind From the rear From the back From the … Continue reading

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Leaders Are Readers

As a student of my own job, I read a lot.  It’s become a rewarding habit.  That wasn’t always the case for me.  So I understand if reading is not a significant part of your life. In August, 2007, the … Continue reading

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Positive. Immediate. Certain.

31 August 2013 At today’s Toastmasters Leadership Institute, hosted by Division H, I spoke on “Leading a Volunteer Organization.” The principles I highlighted apply to any group enterprise whether business, social, civic, volunteer, not-for-profit, or religious, to name a few. One … Continue reading

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Map Reading

Safely through a narrow channel, wind and waves at our back, the bows of our canoes pierced Little Batchewaung Bay in Quetico Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada. A party of three in two canoes–I and my daughter in one, my son paddling his open … Continue reading

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San Francisco Giants World-Series-winning manager Bruce Bochy understands coaching and shares his perspective in Bloomberg Businessweek (“Hard Choices,” Nov,-15-21, 2010). “Like any job, the more you learn the better manager you become,” he says, reflecting on his own development as … Continue reading

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Complex Organizations are Work Groups

The work group is the building block of even the most complex organizations, which means that LDTL can arise, be practiced, and propagate from anywhere within an organization.

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