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Leaders Are Readers

As a student of my own job, I read a lot.  It’s become a rewarding habit.  That wasn’t always the case for me.  So I understand if reading is not a significant part of your life. In August, 2007, the … Continue reading

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L-D-T-L Cycle

Appealing again to the right side of your brain, I present another graphical depiction of the Learn-Do-Teach-Lead concept (see below).  The Venn diagram shows the interrelatedness of the logical components and suggests that it is a continuous cycle with no … Continue reading

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Cultivating a Learning Attitude

Cultivating a learning attitude in self and others is critical and on-going. Within self, others, and organizations, such an attitude must arise and be reinforced. Many times I have said to staff, colleagues, and managers, “I am a student of … Continue reading

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“Learn-Do-Teach-Lead” is a guiding philosophy, a practical road map, an observed reality, an organic progression, and a teachable framework for business and life. And it’s a passion.  My passion.  May it be yours as well. When inculcated and practiced, this … Continue reading

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